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Compassionate and effective therapy for people with obsessive-compulsive traits and their loved ones

OCPD: When high standards cause friction

You work hard, follow the rules, pay attention to detail, and you’re proud of your accomplishments. But sometimes you rub other people the wrong way. They may accuse you of being bossy and tell you to “lay off.” They may complain that you take things too seriously or take too long to do things.


Many people with obsessive-compulsive personality traits weather these repetitive conflicts for years without getting help.

Learn more about how Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can help you be the best version of yourself without lowering your standards.

OCD: When intrusive thoughts take over

You have thoughts that pop into your mind that scare you and sometimes don’t even make sense to you. You’ve come up with ways to cope, such as counting, double-checking, or asking for reassurance. But the cycle keeps repeating itself, and now obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior are taking over your life.


Many people with OCD suffer in silence for years due to fear and shame. Many more seek therapy but don't get the ERP that could set them free.


Learn about Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to see if this integrated approach might be the right OCD treatment for you.

When a loved one has obsessive-compulsive traits

You might be in the early phases of noticing patterns in your partner's or other loved one's behavior, doing some research, and seeking support. Or perhaps your loved one has had a diagnosis of OCD or OCPD for years, and you are going through a difficult flare up or blow up. You might be feeling especially frustrated, resentful, or hopeless if you’ve already tried to address your concerns with your loved one and it didn’t work. 

Obsessive-compulsive traits can be very taxing on others. Loved ones can benefit from getting professional help, too.

Learn more about how seeking your own therapy can help you restore peace with your loved one with OCD or OCPD.


About Dr. Walker

I am on a mission to bring psychological flexibility and bravery to people who are rigid or stuck! If you or a loved one are struggling with obsessive-compulsive traits, I would love to join your journey toward psychological flexibility and freedom!

Learn about my clinical approach and expertise.

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