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I think my loved one has OCPD,
and I want support!

If you are a parent, spouse, or other loved one to someone who has OCPD or obsessive compulsive personality traits, you might be looking for support from a therapist

who understands OCPD. 

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You might be looking for therapy because​...

  • You are not able to follow your loved one’s strict rules or meet their high standards, and sometimes your loved one refuses your help because you can’t do it “the right way”

  • You are struggling to cope with your loved one’s dedication to work and sometimes resent them for not meeting your needs

  • You are having trouble planning and scheduling activities or events that involve your loved one because they try to control everything

  • You want to bring more spontaneity and enjoyment into your life with your loved one

  • You are frustrated when your loved one’s perfectionism causes them to procrastinate or run late

  • You are bothered by your loved one’s reluctance to spend money or get rid of things they don’t need

  • You are noticing that you and your loved one are having the same conflicts over and over, and your loved one refuses to budge 

  • You know that obsessive-compulsive personality traits run in your family and you want to break this intergenerational pattern

  • Your loved one is currently refusing therapy (individual, family, or couple’s therapy) and you want support

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy will not try to change your loved one.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy may help you to...

Slow down, feel, and process your emotional reactions to your loved one’s behavior

Understand how your interpretations of your loved one’s behavior can exacerbate your emotional reaction

Identify expectations that you have of people’s behavior and explore whether you can make more space for “what is”

Get clear about who you are and what’s important to you

Direct energy and attention toward what you can control in your life, such as how you respond to your loved one or whether you choose to follow their rules

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Together at the Top

Are you ready?

Schedule a free consultation call with me to ask any remaining questions you have and to see if I’m a good fit!

For more information and resources for loved ones of people with OCPD, check out the "Loved Ones" page on the OCPD Foundation website.

Please note that if I am already your loved one’s therapist, I can’t also be your therapist. I am also not a couple’s therapist. I will not be able to provide guidance on the health or prognosis of your relationship.

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